Don’t Throw Away Your Money On These 13 Things

By: The Daily Alison

Every year the holidays roll around with the same traditional expectations. From Easter to Christmas there are so many items that we have to buy to accommodate the holidays. As a parent,I love having those traditions. However, the one thing I hate more than anything is to re-buy those same items at full price. Day after/within that week holiday shopping is so crucial when trying to save money. Holiday items can be up to 90% off within that week after the holiday is over. This is the time I stock up on items that I know will be used the following year and when I say “used” I really mean useful. This isn’t the time to impulse shop because it is such a good deal. It’s the time to help you save time, money, and stress from having to buy items that you will always need. 

Here is a list of the following holidays and items I buy after the holidays and stow away in a box for the next year. I have gotten most of these items for under $1. Now I do know that some of these items aren’t necessarily expensive at full price but the point is to be prepared and spend as little as possible on items that tend to end up in the garbage. 


  • Box of cards for the classroom exchange- We all know that these all end up in a landfill at some point but this makes our kids feel special and allows them to be kind to others. What I also love about having these bought the year before is that I am busy and sometimes very last minute. It’s one last stress I have to think about when it is already at my fingertips to give to the kids. 
  • Pencils– Some people love to make the treat bags with the Valentine’s Day designed pencils and you can always use pencils even if it isn’t Valentine’s Day.  
  • Treat bags- These are always great to have on hand.


  • Easter Egg Dying Kits- We use these every year in our household and I promise they still work just the same even if they have been sitting in a box for a year. 
  • Plastic Easter Eggs- Easter egg hunts and filling easter baskets are so traditional that you can’t go wrong buying these in clearance. Also, you can continue to reuse leftover ones for the following year. 
  • Easter Grass- You can get this so cheap when in clearance. Typically for a dime and the best part is you can reuse this as well. I just put it in a ziploc bag and use it until I can’t. 


  • Pumpkin Carving Kits- I save these every year and if they clearance them out I buy a few extra for when the kids have friends over for pumpkin carving parties. I’m sure most people throw them away but I have some that have lasted years.  
  • Easy Costumes- When I say “easy” I mean the ones that are cat ears and a tail. I don’t stock up on other costumes just because most kids don’t decide until the next year what they want to be but I do like to keep the easy ones on hand for last minute invites. 
  • Decor- This is a great time to buy items you would use around your home or the outside of your home. 


  • Wrapping Paper- This is the most important one of them all. It all goes in the garbage and every year you have to buy wrapping paper. This is one of my favorite things to stock up on. 
  • Ornaments- Ornaments are great gifts and if you are looking to change your style for the next Christmas it’s a great time to get them for so cheap. 
  • Christmas Trees- Artificial Christmas trees are so expensive but I have to say I bought the most beautiful flocked tree 3 years ago for only $40. The best part about buying it the year before is you can keep it in its packaging and it is easy to store. 


  • Party Supplies- Look for party hats, decor, party favors, and banners after the new year. Look for things without the following year on them. Some items will just say Happy New Years. 

If you hate throwing away money like I do, then I hope these tips will help you to save your money and be more prepared for the following years to come!

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